Espadrilles Tres Vetes Yellow

Espadrilles Tres Vetes Yellow

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The traditional espadrilles in all colors!

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The Tres Vetas espadrilles, also called Tabernero y Carretero, is the most used model in Catalonia. It is also used in other regions of Spain, as well as in many areas close to France.

Its design is based on ribbons passed from the middle of the canvas to the top, leaving the toe in white. Only three horizontal ribbons pass as well as three more to the lateral ones.

There are three types of soles that you can choose for this model of espadrille, we explain the differences:

- Rubber: The rubber or tire sole is black and is characterized by being the hardest and most resistant of the three soles. We recommend it for use on earthen floors or for folkloric groups where fire is used.

- Mixed: The mixed sole is composed of esparto and light colored vulcanized rubber. It is the most frequently used because it is very durable and more flexible than the rest. We recommend its use in urban floors or for dancers of all kinds.

- Esparto: This sole is composed only of esparto. All its manufacturing process is handmade. It is more vulnerable to moisture and soil erosion, but it is the most traditional, typical and authentic of the soles of espadrilles.

If you still do not know what you usually choose, or have any other questions about this or other models, send us your questions through the chat, in an email or by phone.

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